Nero Doesn't Recognize Drive




I’m using Nero5 (still) and for whatever reason, I can’t select my CD burner.

Other burn applications have no problem.

What’s the catch to this?

When I click “select recorder” the dialog box comes up with an
“image recorder” and lists it as a virtual drive.

Any help appreciated. The help file “wasn’t” any <smile>.




its obvious , your burner is simply not supported in that old nero version


Uninstall you drive by going to Device Manager\IDEController rebbot and let the windows reinstall your drive that may solve the problem.


I got the same problem. 37gb of free HD space, using a hp dvd 640.

This same approach has worked countless of times before, it’s just with this specific .avi file that things won’t seem to work out, even if I recode it.



This thread is 2 months old, but since you have the same problem evidently, the recode module of Nero has conflict problem with your system. Try to uninstall Nero using Nero Clean Tools and install the most updated version of Nero see if that resolves the issue.