Nero doesnt have option for burner top speed

My new burner came bundled with a version of Nero specific to my burner, but I already have a newer version of Nero on my PC so I didn’t want to uninstall/reinstall the app. However, I have a Lite-on 52x24x52 and 48x cdr’s, so shouldnt the top speed availabe to me be 48x? Clonecd and WinOnCD have this option available but nero only shows me 32x. Is a driver or something missing? Anyone else have anything like this?

There can be different causes for Nero to report the wrong writing speeds available. Updating Nero can solve your problem.

The version of Nero that came with my burner (Liteon 48x24x48x) didn’t work very well for me (I could either write at 48x or at 4x!). So I updated this version ( and it worked, all writing speeds that should be available where available.

What’s your problem exactly? Are speeds up to 32x available, or only 32x? If there are more speeds, but all 32x or lower, available, this is probably the SmartBurn feature of your drive, detecting 32x as maximum speed for your media. If not, I think that updating Nero to the latest version (.20) is a wise thing to do.

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Be sure you actually have a blank CDR in the drive when you check with Nero.

on top of being a blank cdr, it would have to be smart-burn rated at 48x or higher in order to select those speeds (unless u disable smart-burn).

Just updated to latets nero on their website, I am glad it was free to update:) and it didn’t resolve anything. I have 48x cdr’s but I do not know if they are certified, when I bought them they were listed as 48x recordable. I have various options listed 32x and below such as 24x, 16x, 12x, 8x, 4x to be exact… no 48x. Just nothing higher than 32x. I do not know if its related to buffer underrun, how can i turn it off to try?

I just found that I can’t turn off buffer underrun because the option is greyed out and unavailable. However I turned off smartburn. All burning options are now available. Why is this. Is it cheap cd blanks that are crappy? Do I need smartburn? what does it do when is it used and why?

Have you tried Feurio! ?
The cd writer will tell you if the drive speed is limited by your cheap crappy/expensive crappy media;) as soon as you load it in the drive.

search for smart-burn.