Nero Doesnt Find My TDK16/10/40

ok heres my problem … everytime i install nero and i reboot my pc and start nero … no problem at all … he finds my writer and i can use him to write my disks … but if i close nero and restart it … he doesnt find my writer … well he does find him but he says he cant use him … ive tried different versions of nero but its all the same … any ideas?

kt7e — kt133e
duron 750 @ 825
tdk 16/10/40

BTW i can write with clone cd without any problems

Try Nero website to find drivers for your cd-rw device. naybe that fix the problem. any burning program use some *.dll or/and *.vxd files to get information about the cd-rw device you gonna use. Maybe you have no such drivers for your specific model and everytime you install nero for first time nero use a similiar driver to your device. then after restart nero , program can’t find the specific device and can’t burn with it. had the same problem with my HP 9200 CD-RW, but after found drivers problem fixed. ofcource I use WINONCD 3.7 and not nero, but maybe problems are similiar. So look to nero website first. Hope that helped you.

Maybe your ASPI isn’t ok. Try reïnstalling them en upgrade to newest.
Also I suggest you check your IDE cables and powercables. And the Master/Slave settings. (You never know!)

nope there all fine …

where can i find that list?
after i reboot i use the keygen and i get in nero … everything is fine but when i restart … you know the rest … but i cant seem to find that list … but nero does tell me that my writer is a TDK 16/10/40 but he cant use him