Nero doesnt allow "test" or "test & burn"

Using v5.5.10.0 (have tried older versions too) with new Sony CRX215A1 and the “test” and “test & burn” options are greyed out leaving me with only the “burn” option…
Anyone have any info on this?

32x speed was also the highest available speed until I switched off Smart Burn thus enabling 48x whereas using the bundled software (B’s Recorder GOLD) 48x was available with Smart Burn enabled as well as the option to perform tests.

Does your writer support test burning? Not all do.

I burned with B’s Recorder GOLD and it could perform tests,
I just really prefer Nero and can’t figure this one out.
I have however noticed that when I use Nero’s wizard to burn
I can’t perform tests, yet when I close the wizard and use the more complicated way, I can then perform tests.
So now essentially I can perform tests but I prefer using the wizard… nitpicking maybe, but I still want it to work properly.

AFAIK this behaviour is normal with Nero.
It’s another “strange” decision by Ahead…

You have to disable “Burn Proof” in order to perform simulations.

I guess that other programs allow to simulate with BurnProof enabled, at least Feurio is capable.