Nero does not unload from memory in



Found a couple of problems with this new version. First of all, I always disable Scout as I see no practical use for it, but then I found that NMindexing was still running in processes. Had to go into services in management tab and disable it. Then I burned a couple of dvd’s and cd’s using Nero Express and Nero Burning Rom and found that Nero does not unload itself from running processes after shutting down. Had to open task manager and shut it down manually. Don’t know if it is just my system that does this or if it happens with everyone.


I don’t have this problem may be you should uninstall the Nero7751 then reboot and reinstall it again.


I tried that, used the cleaning tool and deleted all entries. Still had the problem after I reinstalled. Not sure why it is staying in memory, says it is using 30 megs. It uses 300 megs while burning.