Nero does not complete the burning!

Please I need help here I am desperate!! I don’t know what to do! I can’t burn a cd any more!!
Here is what happens: after starting the process, half way through the green light gets red and the burning stops!
This has happened again in the past but now what worries me is that it has happened four times in a row!! I haven’t burned a CD successfully for about a month!!
Please help me!! What am I supposed to do??

PS: What is more irritating is that when the burning fails, if you press “discard” tth program does not eject the medium, so you have to restart the computer in order to get the f***ing CD out of it!!

PS2: I tried with Media Player too…it failed again…

You need to provide more information. At the very least, what version Nero are you using?

I suggest you use Nero’s utility to cleanly and completely remove the program. Then, reinstall the program.