Nero "Do you want to save?" window in German!?




I’ve been using Nero for quite some time and finally decided to upgrade to the latest .50 version. Everything seems to work okay until I exit Nero. Normally, I would get a window saying “Do you want to save your changes? Yes/No”. Now however, that question is in German! The buttons still say Yes and No, and everything else in Nero is in English. I’ve checked my Nero preferences and English is the only language chosen (with no other languages available). I also checked my Reginal Settings in Windows XP but once again all I have is English. I have uninstalled Nero and reinstalled 10.15, but the German window is still there. I am also seeing this window in DVDShrink, but not in other programs such as Word or Excel.

Does anybody know what’s wrong?

(Red) Visor


Red ,

curious what version of dvd shrink …I use nero six and also dvd shrink 2.3 and beta 3 and never get that …so was curious what version that was spitting that aweful thing out


My bad; it wasn’t DVDShrink that was showing that message along with Nero… I actually can’t remember what it was that was mimicking Nero’s German window. I’m pretty sure it originated from Nero though, as it was the only program I updated.

Anyway, I restored a month-old disc image on my system yesterday and got everything back up and running without that German message. Its origin remains a mystery…


well you know if pc has problems sometimes and cant figure it out … I always heard from other tech friends it is the

solar flares