Nero DL burning


Does Nero 6.0 supports double layer DVD burning?


Support for DL discs is not related only to software, but mostly to the burner. Nero 6 supports DL discs, but only if you have a burner able to write on these discs.


Thanks for answer.
So if I have the newest Pioneer DVR111D that supports DL, i can burn in DL?


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Yes, Pioneer 111D supports DL discs, and it’s a very good drive with DL discs.

However, be careful: until now only verbatim DL discs proved to be good and reliable media. All other DL discs give very variable results, for the most bad burns.

Verbatim? Good to know.
Thanks for your advices!


Be aware that Nero 6 does not burn video DL properly. Nero will misplace the layer break, which will cause the disc to fail on most dvd-players. It should play in a PC though. This problem is not limited to Nero 6.
Inform yourself about imageburn and PGCedit as a freeware combo to avoid the problem.


Is this a known bug in Nero 6? Do you have a pointer to a full discussion of the problem?

I wasted a bunch of Verbatim DVD+R DL disks struggling with this problem… going back and forth with Plextor tech support looking for driver problems, etc. Sometimes the burn would fail. Sometimes Nero would report it as successful but I could never read the disk.

So I tried the suggestion of creating an ISO using Nero, and then burning the ISO to disk using IMGBurn. That seems to work so far.