Nero Disk copy problems

Hi all

Before I pull all my hair out please can somebody tell me what’s wrong.

I have a Pinnacle 106 writer and a Samsung Sd 616 DVD Rom, up to last week everything was fine in the recording dept, I had a load of DVD+RW to disc copy onto blank DVD-R discs which i did no problem.

I then noticed my Samsung was having problems (not all the time) reading some disc’s which the Pinnacle read fine, also started to make a small grating noise when inserting a disc.

I took it back to the shop and replaced it with a identical model, re connected all the leads and carried on or tried to as before, but…

For some reason now Nero, when asked to do a disc copy will not read the DVD+RW disc when inserted into the drive, but a quick check using the Nero System Info reveals it knows the disc in the drive is a DVD+RW and also what is on the disc and what size etc, it will read DVD-R disc’s and do a disc copy no problem but simply refuses to acknowledge in the disc copy part of the program the existence of any DVD+RW disc that has been inserted.

As I mentioned, apart from disconnecting the old drive and re connecting the exact same model nothing has been changed, I am unable to see where I am going wrong, as everything seems fine, I almost wish Nero wouldn’t see the DVD+RW when using System info which might give me a starting point but no it reads it perfectly, it also reads it perfectly when using a ‘data copy’ for e.g and new complilation, the files onj the disc are in view and can be dragged across to the left hand pane.

My Samsung by the way will read the DVD+RW no problem when wanting to watch it with Power DVD for e.g

I am using Nero 6

Any assistence would be of the greatest help thanks.

Right I have uninstalled Nero completely and re installed from scratch, it still refuses to acknowledge in ‘Disc Copy’ application the presence of a RW disc in the Samsung, but just like before it has no problem in any other application and in System Info Nero can even tell me whats on the bloody disc!!

Why is Disc Copy not finding the disc in the drive?

How do you enable ‘Check supported media’ which is currently disabled according to the error log i printed out when it threw out another disc.

ANY HELP PLEASE!!! :bow: :confused: :sad: