Nero : Disk copy option

Nero 6.6
DVD-ROM : Pioneer DVD-120
Burner : Lite-on 851S

Within Nero there is an option to do a direct dvd-to-dvd copy. I am attempting to copy 6 data DVD-R for work purposes. The source DVD-R is placed in the DVD-ROM drive and the copy process started.

Nero ejects the source disk from the rom drive saying that it was blank and the usually ‘please insert another disk’ message.

Anyone else having this issue


@ philso
Does the same drive read the same disc when not in ‘dvd-to-dvd’ mode, like in windows explorer?

If you’re using there’s supposed to be a problem with dvd -> dvd copy.

Yes I can read the data from the disk using windows explorer and MS word etc.

I also checked the version of nero, it is


It might work OK if you create a disk image & then burn from that. I did say “might”. Or get DVD Decrypter which can create a disk image (of various types) that it can then burn. Slightly slower that disk to disk but it should work fine.

If its a data disc then you may just be able to drag the data files and make a new disc (same as you do for data on your HDD). This will fall flat if the disc is bootable or contains other special formats etc.