Nero Discspeed v4 Pion/Plex

A nice guy/mod (sosotiit) at the forum pointed me here as Im having trouble choosing the best burn speed/media/burner setup to use for making Xbox 360 backups.

I purchased the Pioneer 116D as I have heard Pion do good DL burning and 25pcs of Verb DL 8x (MiI) so it seemed I was all good but after reading these threads I realised that you can scan discs for quality!!!:clap:

So you guys with your scans have shown me that (MiS) is the way forward when needing DLs so I purchased 80pcs knowing they were top crotch. Was about to start the long process of backing up my games but a thread here on your forum broke that myth of Slow Burning = Good Burns :doh: So here comes my questions :smiley:

  1. Nero DiskSpeed v4.0 wants a ISO image so I can make a test disc. I can guess you can use any ISO image but is there one that would be better for the test dics? Should I use a 360 backup ISO?

  2. I had a old SATA burner I felt went bad on me after 100 or so DVD-R burns that cost me £70, i dumped it in a draw under my bed years ago as i could not get rid of it… I have never purchased anything thats 3 times the price of its competitors… Im taking it to my grave :a OFF POINT. Its the Plextor I got in my sig! I dug it out today as I thought it would be good to do the scans on but I heard it might be a good DL burner?

  3. I want Nero DiscSpeed to provide me with info on both burners burning at different speeds so I can pick out the best setup for my Xbox 360, could anyone offer or point me in the right direction with using discspeed or utilising my current hardware?

Thanks for your time guys but I have spent the past two weeks on and off diggin through your forum… you guys have opened up a whole new world when it comes to burning!! :bow: