Nero discspeed results

Hi guys. Long time reader, first time poster. I have been looking at this forum for a bit and reading up on Taiyo Yuden dvds. I bought 500 of the 8x DVD-R TYG02 from They were on sale something like $21 per 100 discs. So why not. I used my laptop, which has an Optiarc DVDRW AD5560A drive, and writing at 8x I had a failed burn when i tried putting music on a dvd. I retried, this time at 4x, and it was successful. I heard using Nero Discspeed was a good way of seeing the quality of the burn, so I tried it out. Now I’m not too sure what to think of the results. I got a Quality rating of 18. I seen some other peoples scans and they’re getting results of 95-98. Can someone take a look at the screenshot I took and let me know if this was a good burn or if there’s a problem with my drive or the media or if was actually a decent burn. Please and thanks!

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The Optiarc 5560A is not a good DVD quality scanner.

Do you know anyone with a Lite-on drive you could scan the disc in?

Thanks. I’m actually on vacation right now and all I have is my laptop. At home I have a NEC burner (not sure of the model but its been very reliable over the years.) Should I test the disc when I get home or reburn it? Or is NEC also crappy and I should invest in a better burner?

Older NEC burners were good burners, but they are not known as very good and reliable scanners.

Hmm I see. I’m going to canadacomputers tomorrow and they have these three drives to choose from:

  1. Lite-On LH-20A4H
  2. Pioneer DVR-115D
  3. Samsung SH-S222A

All reletavely cheap. If the NEC I currently have is good for burning, which of these would be recommended for scanning? Through my reading, I’m leaning towards the Lite-On. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

Among those, the LiteOn is the best Scanner, the Pioneer is the best DVD-Burner.

Pioneer and Samsung also are able to scan with CD/DVD-Speed (or DISC-Speed), but the Results are not reliable.

Hi again. So I picked up a LITE-ON IHAP322 22x burner and scanned the same disc as before. I’ll post the results below. Needless to say they’re totally different results between the Optiarc and the Lite-on. Would someone be able to tell me if this disc is a decent quality burn? Thanks a lot!

The LITE-ON IHAP322 is a very good choice for burning all kind of DVD blank media and for scanning.
The scan of the TYG02 still looks crappy, but the disc might be readable on most standalone players.
Try to burn a TYG02 at 8x with the LiteOn, and we´ll see, if they are worth the money.

Here is a TYG02 recorded at 4x on an Optiarc and scanned with a LiteOn:

Here is a TYG02 recorded at 8x on an NEC and scanned with a LiteOn:

Here is a TYG02 recorded at 8x on a LiteOn and scanned with a LiteOn:

Would you be able to tell me which disc is the best quality? The NEC got the best quality score at 95. Thanks!

The LiteOn wasn’t too far off from the NEC drive. The difference in quality score isn’t really indicative of much; it’s just a little PIF spike that caused it, and the overall PIF counts aren’t too different. Since no jitter scan was run on the burn done with the LiteOn, I cannot comment on that value. [Be sure to use CD-DVD Speed to scan if you want to see how the jitter appears].

The slim Optiarc laptop drive isn’t the greatest, but it’s still an acceptable burner if you won’t be using the discs in a picky reader.

All burns are still well within specs, but using the half-height drives is probably your best bet for writing discs with a higher quality.

Thanks for your reply. What do you mean by half-height drive? Like a slim external burner?

Half-height: typical "full-size"desktop optical drive. [Half-height refers to the fact that it’s half the height of the 1st generation floppy & hard drives from way back when]. Sorry 'bout that.

Or, in other words, 5.25" optical drives.:slight_smile:

[QUOTE=katraine;2301544]Or, in other words, 5.25" optical drives.:)[/QUOTE]Not really since slim drives are 5.25" also :)But these are slim instead of half height :wink: