Nero DiscSpeed: PIF graph colours and Jitter

The Jitter never shows when scanning a DVD-Video on a LiteOn eTAU108. After the scan finishes, there is a small amount of Jitter, which does not show on any other drive, which looks different each time. What is it and why does it only show up occasionally?

And sometimes, the PIF graph in disc speed has different colours at same error height, if I am not mistaken. This only happens to DVDs. CDs always have a yellow C2 graph. (C2 for CD = PIF for DVD in Nero DiscSpeed).
Do the colours of the graph mean anything else?


The color represents the “severity” of the PIF error - they should have same color for the same error height.

Aside from the color, according to the standards (if i remember correctly), freshly burned DVD should have maximum PIE value <280 and maximum PIF value <4. It is very important where and how errors are located - evenly spreaded or concentrated in one spot…

Also note that some drives over-report errors.

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Thanks. Why do CD C2 errors only have a purely yellow graph colour then?

If I remember correctly the older versions showed only one color for PIF.

On the other side OptiDrive with drives that can do advanced CD reporting shows different colors for various types of errors C1 and C2 errors (E11, E21, E31 and E12, E22, E32).

Color is just for easier graph results interpretation.