Nero DiscSpeed doesn't find my DVD-Burners

Hi, I am using Windows XP Professional SP3 and Nero 9 with Nero DiscSpeed, with which I want to make quality scans of my DVDs. The Problem is, the Software doesn’t find my DVD-burners. I am using Pioneer DVR-216D and Optiarc AD-7200S. I uninstalled Daemon Tools, because I read in another forum, that someone had problems with this software and Nero DiscSpeed. But it didn’t help. Nero DiscSpeed doesn’t find my DVD-drives, but only the virtual clone Drives from the Elaborate Bytes Software I still have installed on my computer. When I deaktivate these virtual drives, Nero DiscSpeed doesn’t even start, but says, that it can’t find any CD-drive. Does anyone in this forum know a possible solution for this problem? By the way, I also tested older versions of Nero CD/DVD-Speed, but it is the same problem. DVDInfoPro works, but I would like to use Nero DiscSpeed for comparison reasons.

Problem is solved. Something with my ASPI-Drivers was wrong. The tool forceASPI did help.