Nero DiscSpeed 4 - Most tests don't work

For ScanDisc:
Read test works
Cs/Cs - PI/PO test gives “Drive does not support this function”

For Advanced Disc Quality:
Invalid command operation code (052000)

For Disc Quality:
Drive does not support this function

Disc info:

Other Information:

I am using windows xp with all the latest updates.

I have 2 drives:
BENQ DVD DC DW1670 (103 firmware)
BENQ DVD DC DW1670 (103 firmware)

Exact same problem both with SONY8D1 and TH02 dvd media, so I don’t think it’s the media.

I have tried updating nero, and I still can’t get it to work.

Thanks a lot if anyone can help.

Hi Jennie, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

The disc quality scanning functions in Nero DiscSpeed (and Nero CD-DVD Speed) are only supported on some drives, and your BenQ DW1670 is not among the supported drives, unfortunately.

If you want to use disc quality scanning, you will have to get supported drives such as e.g. LiteOn drives.

Oh, thats a shame.

I assumed it could work because someones benq 1620 seemed to be able to do it here:

[quote=Jennie55;2035070]I assumed it could work because someones benq 1620 seemed to be able to do it here:[/quote] The BenQ DW1620…1655 use one type of chipset (Philips Nexperia) that is supported by Nero DiscSpeed and the BenQ DW2000 and beyond use MediaTek chipsets like LiteOn drives and are also supported by Nero DriveSpeed.

The BenQ DW1670 is unfortunately a bit of a bastard, being a rebadged TEAC drive, and is not supported for Disc Quality scanning with Nero DiscSpeed.

(If my memory is correct) the BenQ DW1670 uses a Panasonic chipset instead of the famous Philips Nexperia chipset used on the earlier DW16xx drives, so it doesn’t support the superb Advanced Disc Quality scanning in CD-DVD Speed (DiscSpeed).

I once read that while it was capable of scanning CDs (but not DVDs), however I suspect this is incorrect.

Which drives will support the Nero DiscSpeed 4 program? Will the HP 400 work?

lite-on 20A4P :slight_smile:

and use, its cdfreaks member recommendation

I’m using the Lite-On 20A4P with the stock 9P59 firmware and suddenly I’m having trouble using Nero CD-DVD Speed versions 4.77.16, 4.77.15 and the latest version of Discspeed. Discspeed is slow to load and all versions seem to lag when switching from the Benchmark to Disk Quality tabs. After pressing start, about 20 seconds later, I receive the “Drive does not support this function” as the first poster mentioned. This used to happen infrequently, and I’ve completed about a dozen scans since I’ve had the drive.

I’m going to try the enhanced firmware and see what happens.
Any other suggestions?