Nero DiscSpeed 4 doesn't do DVD quality check



Hello Everybody!

I’m new to this forum and actually - this is my first forum ever. I live in Poland and getting into my adventure with video editing (home movies and TV for now). Beore I put my hard work on the DVD disk I’d like to know the disc quality. I used Nero DiscSpeed 4 (2 versions - from NERO trial package and Free download extra tool) but as soon as I put a DVD disk into my drive, the Dick Quality module is grayed out. Cannot perform this check, though other modules work OK. CD disk works also.
What could be the reson?
Great thanks for any tip :slight_smile:


The Nero CD/DVD Speed Quality Test is used on disks that have already been burned. Also, not all dvd drives are capable of using this particular test. Which drive do you have?


Hi Kery56,

Thanks for your reply.
Yes, I did use a recorded disc. My drive is GSA-4167B by LG so it sems rather popular.


Unfortunately, LG drives do not support disk quality scanning programs at all, as far as I am aware.

You might be able to run a Transfer Rate Test with it, which should give you a smooth curve on a graph as the drive reads the disk. Any sharp downturns in reading speed indicate a problem with the disk, or possibly dirt or smudges on the surface…got to make sure they are clean before running any test.

Open the program with a burned disk already in the drive and hit F2 to start the transfer rate test.

If you want a good drive for scanning, buy a Lite-On, or one of the new Samsung drives like the SH-S203B or SH-S203N. Look in our Samsung forum for the FAQ thread about the necessary registry hack to get Nero CD/DVD Speed to work with Samsung drives if you choose to buy a Samsung for this purpose.


You must be right. Though I got fooled when my LG is not greyed out when I put a CD in. I tried it and I got reading error. When put DVD in - greyed out. When I sue my LiteOn it works but unfortunetelly it’s just CD - no DVD function. Thanks for clarifying! :slight_smile: