Nero DiscInfo/KProbe show "no media" on Sony CRX320A

The other day I went into CD/DVD-Speed and fired up the DiscInfo tool. It didn’t show me anything. I upgraded to the latest version (3.55, I believe) with no luck. So I tried to use the Disc Info tool in KProbe. Same thing. I have used the Nero DiscInfo tool about 2 or 3 months ago with great success. Between now and then, I have upgraded my SONY CRX320A firmware from the NYK4 to the NYK5. Could that be causing the problem? I don’t know where to get the old NYK4 firmware to try and roll back the firmware version.
Any ideas?

What is the problem?

Nero InfoTool and DISCInfo are separate programs.

Sorry for the confusion, I was writing my post from work and my boss was hovering nearby. The programs that I am having problems with are Nero CD/DVD-Speed and KProbe. Since they are two separate programs, I assume the problem is with my burner. I can start up CD-Speed just fine, but when I try to go to the “extra” menu and select “Disc Info”, all I get are blanks. Manufacturer, Code, etc are all blank. And when I start up KProbe, go to the “Info” menu, and select “disc”, all I see is “no media”. I can burn a cd just fine. But it looks like my drive is not reporting the specific disc information like it used to.

It may not… Combo drives really aren’t supposed to be able to read this information from recordable discs. I think that my LTC-48161H was able to with recent firmware. Maybe it would work again with the latest Liteon SOHC-5232K firmware.