Nero Disc-Speed 4 'disc-quality' option issue

Just so you know, I’ve checked around google for my problem, and this site, but no solution.

Anyway, my problem.:Z

I try to use this option with my DVD drive (its an LG HL-DT-ST GSA-H62L) and I can’t; it’s unavailable for selection. SO, I checked here, and found what I thought was a solution (edit the registry and remove the restricted values), but it didn’t work.:confused:

Well, I thought ‘ok, I have something else’ and I used a program called ‘enabler’ to allow me (not legitimately) to select start.

Now I was expecting this to work, but it didn’t (of course it didn’t… nothing ever does the first time;)), and I want to use this disc quality option! (I JUST bought a stack of Taiyos and am eagerly waiting to see the quality of these over my p.o.s. memorex DVD-Rs)

Anyway, I’m just wondering if it’s possible for me to use this AT ALL, or if there is a better/similar program out there.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

LG drives doesn’t support at all the quality scans, it is not a software but a hardware issue.

To do scans you must use a proper burner (a liteon is the easiest choice)

I had a bad feeling that was going to be it. Thanks anyways!

Sorry :flower:

If you plan to buy a new drive, maybe a liteon is an option to bear in mind :slight_smile: