Nero Disc Quality Test?



I’d like to check the quality of my burned DVD’s, but I don’t understand how I’m supposed to do that, if I chose “Extra” and then the disc quality test the start-button is greyed out?


what drive do you have? some drives don’t have error checking capabilities or require a specific program (i.e. kprobe, plextools) to scan for errors. CD/DVD Speed only supports certain error-scanning capable drives.


Ok, I have a NEC-3520A?


sorry but no error checking capabilities. read the NEC section where you can find an appeal by NEC owners for the manufacturer to include error scanning in their drives.


Ok, thx for the info. :slight_smile:


no prob…the best thing for you is to run Read Transfer Rate tests and see if your discs hiccup at all (or load the burned disc in DVD Shrink and see if the initial analysis has any issues i.e. slowdowns, crashes, etc.).

you could also invest in a cheap Lite-On and use Kprobe, but i would never recommend a lite-on (purely my opinion) and the validity of Kprobe scans (and all scans for that matter) has been called into question by some.

of course, if your discs are playing fine in your stand-alone DVD player(s) you’re probably good to go…but sensitive data is a different story.


On an pioneer I have the button grey (106 drive. and also on nec 3500)