Nero Disc Quality Test questions

Should this test be run with the same drive that you record with?

When I run it on a different drive (DVD-ROM/CD Burner combo) I get completely different results.

Does the speed you choose matter?

I choose 8x but the speed never gets even close to that.

See the comment about DVD-ROM and combo drives in this Q&A in the DVD-Writer FAQ.

Normaly dvd readers don’t have pif or pie so u will get a 100 quality

Each dvd drive reads differently based on their hardware , firmware, idee chipset, configuration. SOme are better some not that good. Disk quality it is only an instrument based on the hardware that u use and it’s ability to read. But be sure if u got a bad score in Benq 1620 that media is not very good written and also if u have a good scan there is a high chance that the burn might work on the worse readers