Nero Disc Quality : 99% on BenQ DW1620 B7S9

Burn 29 : MCC003 Mitsubishi

.99%…lol…i am so shy to post this…BenQ…you have my :bow: :bow: :bow:

General Information
 Drive: BENQ    DVD DD DW1620   
 Firmware: B7P9
 Disc: DVD+R (MCC 003)
 Selected speed: 8 X
PI errors
 Maximum: 23
 Average: 1.16
 Total: 8309
PI failures
 Maximum: 3
 Average: 0.01
 Total: 70
PO failures: 0
 Maximum:  9.0 %
 Average: 7.59 %
Scanning statistics
 Number of samples: 17860
 Average scanning interval: 8.00 ECC
 Glitches removed: 0

nb, u must be on cloud 9 liao. :bow: :bow: :bow:

now this is the new standard to beat. :smiley:

Great burn! BenQ’s are really amazing drives. I also have a B7S9 99% burn, done on the fly using Record Now:

Whoops, I wonder why .png did not upload?

Also check my 99% EW1621 USB burn in post:

ohh…dishinit…maybe just now the moon shift suited the benq drive best…lol

i will use this…Quality Media = quality burn. :bow: :bow:

But the firmware shown in eleewhm’s post is B7P9…

@Owen Stubbs…i have 3 benq drives…

each on different firmware

B7K9 > DW1620A
B7S9 > DW1620A which i use to burn the above burns
B7P9 > DW1620Pro which i use for scanning

for me for GR&R to be applied…the measurement tool has to be kept consistent…six sigma rule…

GR&R = Gage Repeatability & Reproducibility

Ok, eleewhm MCC003 is @12x.

The hardest standard is 99% @16x under 6 minutes !!!

YUDEN000 T02 DVD+R 8x @12x with BenQ 1620 FW B7P9

also in my sig :iagree:

can u tell me eleewhm how long did it took to burn this beauty

i will return…there will a day when it is my turn…lol…

runs and search for all his That’s Media



ok i know now checked the image …

too bad i can’t find this type of media here (highest here is 8x eperformance(prodisc r03)

You mean you will return back with 99% @16x under 6 mins right? I will wait. :bigsmile:

I am getting consistant burns with MCC 003 (Verbatim) at 99% with P and S. When I try YUDEN000 T02 I get anywhere from 90% to 97%.

When I test the Yuden’s over and over again (same disc) It reads from 90 to 95% with Nero Speed 3.55. What gives?

Also what I get on the graph has nothing to do with playability. When I play it on six different stand alone dvd players my Panasonic S35 plays even the disc rated at 30%, but JVC won’t even play some rated at 99%. It seems that Taiyo will play on every player I have tried, but always has lower scores. The MCC 003 play on only four of the players without skips and this is with tests at 99%.

When it comes to Movies the testing score doesn’t seem to matter except for the ability to recopy later.


Can you tell us which software you use for burning?



he is rich…he uses nero create data disc…

nah… I bought all of my media at sale price only…

Don’t know about the moon shift, but I did find my 99% B7S9 “on the Fly” burn, using MCC 003 & Record Now. This is on my IDE installed BenQ 1620.
By the by, I appreciate your scan standard.
Also discovered that when a .png file will not upload, that it means I have already previously uploaded it. Took me three try’s to figure that out…Some people are a little slow!
Anyway, here is the post:

Thanks for the information. I have used Nero and RecordNow 4.5 and I always have better results with RecordNow.