Nero Digital - Unsupported audio tracks



I am in the process of recoding my DVD’s to .mp4 format with Nero Digital. Most movies work fine. However, some give me an error when I go to import the title saying that the the audio track is not supported by nero digital and will not be included. It allows me to continue, but the .mp4 file then does not play certain audio tracks.

For example, Ocean’s Eleven, you can hear music and background noise but the main track with chracter voices is not there.

Any ideas?



This may not be involved and I can’t find anything on the Nero site, but when I start Nero ShowTime, I occasionally get a message about not being able to play DTS audio. If you DVD has audio options, maybe you could use another one to try.


Turns out the error doesn’t effect anything, it just happens that I also started encoding with Dolby Digital 5.1 instead of Stero and my Digital Media Player for some reason cannot handle it, or maybe the audio it is passing to my tv is not being handled right.

It’s my upstairs non-theatre tv, thus I am still just using tv speakers… in case you were wondering :slight_smile: