Nero Digital to showcase H264/AVC decoder during Computex 2004



I just posted the article Nero Digital to showcase H264/AVC decoder during Computex 2004.

Ahead Software, leaders in digital
media technology, exhibiting in the Nero suite at Computex 2004, will be
unveiling an H264/AVC (Advanced Video Coding) implementation of Nero Digital™…

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This is a good example of why you should never trust press releases. :r


All Nero is trying to do is “Muddy” the waters with their Subpar Encoder. If you still encode in the Age of Single Layer/Dual Layer Days then stay with Divx/Xvid why make something incompatible now with your other Files that you’ve Collected? (And also it won’t Play on your Divx DVD Player. :frowning:


What is jeff195 thinking when he says, “Muddy waters with a subpar Encoder”? Well, we can see you did your homework.:d The waters were ‘muddied’ when computers first became available for the average user. I suppose if we follow your way of thinking, then those of us with old DVD stand alone players that do not support DivX should consider DivX to be a subpar program for not being compatibile with old technology. Did you even know that DivX Pro uses MP4 for the Video? The audio portion is still MP3. And yet anyone who makes audio their business have nothing but high praise for MP4 audio (HE-ACC & LC-AAC) as compared to MP3 and most other audio formats. And what about the new Cell Phones that are coming out and CE Devices that need the MP4 support, in both audio and Video. Do you epxect us to use DivX files that are so big they take forever to load, or take up all the memory on such devices. Or do you have something against new Technology and prefer to stay with the old devices so that you do not have to learn something new? To be honest, you sound like you work for DivX, which would explain everything. Tunnel vision then becomes obvious. :o Me, I like the idea of having a Video file that I can play on my Computer or future DVD Player that allows 2 audio channels, and most importantly 2 choices of SubTitles. And the speed and compression capabilities are just a bonus to me. As for compatibility, we all know eventually all players will come to support this new technology as MFG’s push it, just as they did with DivX.