Nero Digital set to become the next big standard in audio and video compression

I just posted the article Nero Digital set to become the next big standard in audio and video compression.

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–April 7, 2003–Ahead
Software to preview complete MPEG-4 audio and video solution encompassing full
ISO/14496-2/3 compatibility, and state-of- the-art audio,…

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In fact CD quality stereo is possible at 48 Kb/s, or 33 hours of high quality music on one CD! This statement can be read on the nero website. Nice but again this sound more like marktingbullshit. Did mp3pro also not say cd quality at 64 kbs and windows wma.

i agree…but the technic is not standing still… planes fly faster now then in 1940 so…perhaps it is possible now or in a few years

Thompson multimedia have been boasting about AACPlus being CD quality at 48kbps - 64kbps ever since the introduction of MP3Pro, but no one will provide any sort of player, samples or anything else to show this! :c If a mate said that he has the fastest, most fuel efficient, most high tech car in the country, but refuses to let you see it, would you believe what that person’s saying? Oops. Microsoft claim their WMA format is CD quality at 64Kbps. To see this, bring up Windows Media player 7 (or higher), Click ‘Tools -> Options…’, click the ‘CD Audio’ tab and drag the slider down until it shows ‘64 Kbps (CD Quality)’. Seems impresive until one trys encoding their music and finds out what it really sounds like. :stuck_out_tongue: