Nero Digital (No Sound)

I just purchased the full Nero Suite from I ripped a movie into Nero Digital and it plays fine with sound in Windows Media Player 9 but there is no sound when I play it in Nero Showtime.

I really want to use Nero Showtime because I can turn on and off subtitles etc. I can’t do it in Windows Player.

I reinstalled Nero Suite as per Nero’s email recomendation but I still get no sound in a Nero Digital Video player with a Nero player…:confused:

I have the same problem, did you fiind a cure yet?

No I haven’t and I reinstalled like Nero said to do.

I resent all the info from Nero Info Tool to Nero and they told me it it’s because I am using non-standard firmware :iagree:

I learned how to use Vidomi and Xvid and am very happy with the results. It is much much better quality…

Although I would still like an answer myself as to why this is happening…

This is very late but your DVD probably has an audio encoding otehr then Dolby Digital. You are using Recode 2, correct? If your audio is not AC3 it does not give you an option to chose those the audio after it has scanned the file. I am talking about the tabs that you see around mid screen where you can chose video, audio, subs (right of the preview). To have audio in this situation you must either rip the DVD and recode the audio to AC3 then build the DVD again and use recode. Or you can attepmt using mpeg4IP or mp4UI.