Nero Digital File is 2GB to big For .ISO



I recently Made a nero digital File that I wanted to take up an entire DVD with all the Extras “White Noise” to be specific. Anyway I recoded the Video to the best Quality 4mps the Resulting file is 2GB to big for an ISO and it will only Burn to UDF. My Philips Divx player will only exept ISO. So my Question is whether or not there is a simple way to split the 2GB a nero digital file so that I can burn it into ISO format? Thank you for all your help and time :stuck_out_tongue:


Where is the restriction - I regularly copy 2GB files created from Norton Ghost to DVD iso files?

I regularly split large DVD files using Nero Recode Remake a DVD option (to remove adverts etc) simply by adding file as many times as needed (one set of adverts add twice, two sets add three times etc), and then simply cut out the sections I want to keep).

I don’t know if Nero Recode will allow an Nero Digital file to be selected as a source file to be edited in the same way?


I’m trying to Burn it using Nero It tells me that the files are over 2GB and cannot be burned in a standard ISO only UDF format. It also tells me that UDF is compatable with windows XP


ISO has a file limit of 2GB, maybe it’s the UDF/ISO hybrid that nero has as an optiion.