Nero Digital, DIVX and JVC-NP10S

Just got this this JVC NP10S . It is rated to play DIVX and MPEG-4, but I have been unable to get it to play Nero Digital files. It seems to have no trouble with DIVX files.

Anybody have any ideas if, or how, this will play ND files? I was under the impression that thie JVC players were supposed to play them. The manual states that MPEG-4 files should have the “asf” extension. If I change the file extension it will recognize the files but not play them.

Well, let’s clear up some assumptions first:

MPEG4, DivX, Xvid and Nero digital are essentially all the same thing, that is all of them are video compression methods based on the same algorithm, that we could call MPEG version 4 … what’s different between them is the actual software code used to obtain the result and patents applied.

  • MPEG4 is patented by Microsoft, no public domain.
  • Divx started as public domain, then became a commercial product.
  • Xvid is a completely free poduct.
  • Nero Digital is commercial but the encoders/coders will be openy released in market (see:

Nero Digital is innovative not for the way in which it encodes video, MPEG4-based as its brothers, but for the way it encodes sound: Full Surround can be compressed with ratios similar to MP3, greatly enhancing simple stereo recordings which are the standard with other MPEG4-based codecs such as Divx.

That said, your Panasonic manual essentially states that it can play Divx, no more: do not be confused by the “MPEG4” label.

To be able to play Nero Digital files the unit should have embedded in its firware the necessary codec, which has not yet been released (see again:

Hope it helps!



Wow, thought this was dead.
Yes, understand all that, but the NEC chip was “approved” by Nero, so maybe a future update will fix it. Just a curiosity really, don’t have much of a demand for any of the MPEG-4 variants. I suspect it’s a dead technology except for file sharing.

ESS will be the first to release Nero Digital approved chips: And MPEG-4 will not die soon, it will be part of both the HD-DVD and the Bluray standard.

ESS chips can be found in e.g. Denon, LG, JVC and Samsung DVD players. The chips are also certified by DivX Networks and thus playback DivX files aswell. Discuss this in our Stand Alone Devices & Home Entertainment Forum

I guess I mis-interpreted this to mean that the current chips could also decode ND. :o