Nero Digital Confusion

I found the following information about Nero Digital which implies that I should be able to create all types of MPEG-4 file and thus versions that will run on my Archos AV700:

Nero Digital will support all standards of MPEG-4; according to Eberlein, the company is the first to market with a codec that can handle any MPEG-4 file. “At the end of the day, we’re not confining the user to just Nero Digital,” he says.

There does not appear to be any option in Nero Recode2 to allow me to choose which type of MPEG-4 file to create, other than the specific Nero Digital profiles already set up…

Anyone got any ideas on this?


It may depend which encoders you have on board.

Why use Nero? There’s other freeware ones like FairUse Wizard, Gordian Knot and if you already have the DivX codec, then Archos supply a conversion utility with the machine.