Nero Digital Codec

I backed up a copy of Raiders of the Lost Ark using my new RECODE 2 software DVD>CD , but all I get is sound play back with no video playback-even using Nero’s Show Time.

When WM9 starts it searches for the download and reports that there was an error in downloading the codec.

Any help would be appreciated, also what is the codec listed under in device manager?


Ok man. Here;s the deal. People think Nero can do just about anything but not that good. You want to make DivX movies. To acomplish the perfect “backup” you need:

  1. Pentium 4
  2. Xmpeg Encoder
  3. DivX 5.1.1 pro codec (Video)
  4. Lame MP3 3.93.1 codec (Audio)
  5. Patience

Now you can make a decent movie that WILL PLAY even after you have formated you HD.

Ahh, I downloaded this codec and voila! It works…thanks to wsaintcr.

Download Mpegable DS decoder 2.0

It’s completely free and works with Windows Media Player.

Windows Media Player will say it’s not recognized but just hit ok and it will play Nero Recode mp4 files perfectly.

You problem has nothing to do with downloading other codecs. Nero Digital Video Decoder is top-grade decoder and is probably better than all others.
Most likely, your filter is not registered correctly - use freeware GSpot program to show you all your loaded video/audio decoders.
The location is c:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\DSFilter\ and you should register it by entering

regsvr32 c:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\DSFilter\

Nero’s proprietory Audio decoder is a completely different story, though (- broken DS filter).

I Think I Have Done This Right I Am New To These Forums I Have The Same Problem As The One Above Bbut Dont Know How To Do It

cough cough Windows does not/did not come with an MPEG4 video decoder, so it will not work after you format your HD, any more than NeroDigital will.
Moreover, the quality will be a lot shittier (MP3 vs Nero MP4) (DivX vs NeroDigital AVC) if you do it this way.

Indeed Skuto;

sound like you need to re-install nero. First completly uninstall and use clean tool to get rid of the old install. g/l

Cold fusion:
Nero Digital is a next gen Codec. Means that it’s more advanced than any other out right now- It has a higher compression with much better quality. And Do a search on the net and read up on it to prove it to yourself.

sorry guys i have the same prob with nero recode and the file which can not be able to work.
therefore i have read some of your istruction on the forum on what to do but still not going ahead, I am also new with the nero software. I have located the file mention above or (regsvr32 c:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\DSFilter\ on the hd. but i still do not know how to register this file.

if there is any body that have any idea on how to register this for making it work please tell me how:- with regards to every body for replying. thaci[B][U] :doh:

if any body din’d solve this prob this is the ste how to follow.

Copy DLL or AX files in system32 folder [ C:\WINDOWS\system32 ]
Click on Start > Run…

• To install the files, type: regsvr32 filename.dll or regsvr32
• To uninstall the files, use: regsvr32 -u filename.dll or regsvr32 -u

hey if it doesn’t work try somethingelse and asking more guys for help on the forum.ok this is what i know anyway. cheerio.

You have to enclose in quotes in like this: regsvr32 “c:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\DSFilter\” I just did mine and it registered OK.

im new to the forum and i think this is the problem i’ve been having, can you tell me how to get to the point of putting the " " around the words in order to make it work.
i can get the top 3 programs to work in nero recode 2 just cant get the
“recode dvds and videos to nero digital” and " recode main movie to nero digital" it keeps showing a sign that my AVC ENCODER/DECODER has expired.

please help if you can.

I figured out how to register like “autotran” said but im still having a problem with the last 2 programs in nero recode 2.
what did registration do it didn’t help the last 2 programs to work.

thanks for any help.

I have a similar problem as above, but my Sony DRU 710A won’t replay any movies in Nero Showtime or open any in Nero Recode. Any attempts to open either app with dvd loaded causes computer to hang. Windows Media Player works fine, as does DVD Shrink. Tried burner in another machine with similar components and everything worked well, so it’s not the drive. Have searched these forums high and low for possible solutions as well as Windows Knowledge Base. No luck. Using NVidia Mpeg2 encoder, but have tried Nero’s as well and neither work for Showtime or Recode. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Oh yes, using Nero 7 (newest) and BYX5 firmware update (latest) Haven’t tried Omnipatcher yet…not sure I’m smart enough.

here is how i got my recode and showtime to work.
just download it seems to have a lot of features you dont need but may come in handy in the future?
like i said it still wont let “recode dvds and videos to nero digital” and " recode main movie to nero digital" still wont work but if you figure it out i’ll be here.

also it still says that my mpeg 4 has expired and my avc also, just hit cancel and it should work. if you know how to get rid of thoes signs let me know.

Thanks. I’ll give it a try. Anything is better than what I have now.