Nero Digital Codec



what do i need to play nero digital encoded files. I downloaded the demo version, tried it out, it works really great!!!, then i uninstalled the thing to see if i was still able to play the files but the files won’t play anymore. I reinstalled the demo and it plays normal. Is there a codec out there for people who don’t wont the application but want to be able to play the files???


u should be able to view the file with windows media player 9 try it.:slight_smile:


i tried WM9 but it does not play it until you have the nero package installed. That’s a bummer for people who want to send their videos to friends and family. NOt everyone wants the software but it is necessary for Nero’s success that they come out with a free codec pack that allows users to view the files. Does anyone know if such a thing already exists for Nero Digital??


The conclusion is:
free codecs like DivX or Xvid are becoming UNIVERSAL . . .

because they are free !


try this :


thanks wsaintcr for the 3ivx link it solved my problem of not being able to play my nero encoded dvd to cd files!


go to
and get your free copy of mpegable DS decoder to be able to play .mp4 files in any media player that U use.
some more appz included on this page.
i’ve tried this plugin with WinMediaPlayer 6.4,BSplayer 0.8 and it works.


I had and used DS mpegable on my main computer and ended up have to uninstall it because it no longer seemed to work - wasn’t able to play Nero Digital in WM9 player anymore. I have installed and reconfigured many software programs since then so no telling what is really going on.

Anyway, I felt I had to post a thanks to WSAINTCR too for the link. I found this page using a Google search. No Nero Digital subtitle or chapter support but it at least the computers I’ve used the link above on will play Nero Digital CDs I’ve made now. I use Nero Showtime on my main computer of course.


Nero Digital is MPEG-4 standard compliant and in principle any standard compliant decoder should be able to decode the audio and video, provided that the decoder supports the .mp4 container and aac audio.
3ivx supports .mp4 container, and that’s why it’s able to decode Nero Digital. You can expect more support for the .mp4 container in the future.

The reason why Nero Digital uses .mp4 container is, because it is standard compliant and doesn’t need hacks to support for example b-frames, and it is in many ways much more flexible container format compared to .avi.
Divx uses so called “packed bitstream” in .avi which as it is, is questional whether it is anymore mpeg-4 compliant stream. You can read more about this from here.