Nero Digital Codec

Is the Nero Digital Codec available from VisionExpress 2 or any other program so I can export an MPEG to AVI using the new codec? It only seems part of Recode and thus only works with DVDs. Thanx!

Nero Digital codec is only available from their Recode2 program. At this point in time there are no editors, cutters, etc for it either. What you encode is what you end up with.

look here is a Tutorial how to convert Nero Digital Mp4 to AVI.

reply if there are any questions…cya

Thanks for that, I’ll check out mp4UI

You can also get all the Mpeg4IP tools for windows from Dext

@ rendez2k
Go with XviD instead, you’ll get even better quality.

@ ChickenMan
There are ALOT of MP4-tools out there, just checkout doom9’s forum and you can use the Nero Digital codec in other programs.