Nero Digital and no sound

Hi I’m Using the newest Nerodigital update and I don’t get any sound. I think it has something to do with a dolby 5.1 decoder, so I went and tryed to purchase the dvd-mpeg-ACC decoder plugin but told me that my creidit card info was incorrect and it wasn’t and there supposed to contact me today but didn’t. I really just want that plugin is there anywere else I can purchase it for download or get a ACC dolby 5.1 decoder that would work with Nero Digital?
Thank you for all your time and help :slight_smile:

Hey, guess what?

I bought Nero 5.1 Dolby digital plugin and is nothing more than a serial number to unlock the feature. The decoder is already in nero. All you have to do is buy the serial/plugin or… hehehehehehehe, well you know.

Laters man.

it was giving me problems too. just uninstall everything and reinstall the update - using your serial number. As one other poster said, it was an issue with double registry entries or something like that.


Remoas said they had him remove extra old keys from the registry so each only had one in subdirectories of
one had to be modified to match the others.
anyway he said they were nice and everything works now.

Glad mine didn’t mes up, to me Nero is the best!
I was so glad when I saw nero came with my burner.
Its worth it even if it doesn’t come with your bruner

this article:

changed my mind about nero =)