Nero digital and freezed frames problem

i’ve been using the Nero Recode for several days now. mostly i don’t have time to watch the movie right after it’s done so i thought there are no problems with playing the encoded streams. today i found out out when watching one of the movies encoded with Nero Digital it has a lot of freezed frames. when using the direct show decoder from dicas mpegable it crashes any of the used media player. after deinstaling the mpegable decoder it freezes when playing with nero show time.
if anyone has such an experience with nero digital and found a solution to this issue please let me know. i still would like to use the nero recode for its incredible speed of encoding and decent quality of the picture. on the other hand if i’m not able to play the movie back i won’t use it anymore.
thanx for any ideas.

i’ve just found out that the freezed frames problems is more like a decoder issue. just installed 3ivx_d4_451_win and it plays the movies in any media player with no problems so far.