Nero digital after pressing "burn" nero recode freezes -forever

here my problem: i recoded a dvd (4 titles) to nero digital without any problems but with the wrong audio tracks. so i have to recode it again: i deleted the files made all the same but other audio tracks. in the third tab i chose “2 pass encoding”. the only odd thing was the “profiles” were empty neither my before saved profile nor the choosen “cinema” profile - the profiles menu was also empty.

then i pressed burn - the burn butten disapears and nothing happened for more then 20min. (i tried this 3 times)

in the first time the burn button also disapeared but after one minute the encoding started.

any suggestions??

Check if there are any .xml files in the directory
C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR USERNAME\Application Data\Ahead\NeroDigital\ and if there are, move them to another diretctory and restart Recode.

ok the profiles in the second tab are back, but it freezes again after pressing “burn”.

Does this happen with every profile?
Also, does it happen in single pass mode as well?

Another thing you could try is to delete the Recode preferences
(I think they are in the registry in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Ahead\Nero Recode).

And if that does not help, restart Windows…

thx for replies but i tried the brut force method: uninstalling the old (7.2?) and installing the new nero (

now all problems are gone - also all waiting times after pressing start (nero digital and normal dvd copy). now recode starts immediately after pressing burn.

I have a simialair problem! I use Nero 7 Premium and have a Phillips DVDR-1660P1 recorder. When I try to Recode an avi movie from “Insert File” into a 4.7Gb. DVD+R throough “Cinema” profile, I receive a message, after pressing BURN: “Not enough free space on devices. Do you wnt the Recode to attempt to reduce the compression ratio by selecting a lower target size” If I choose NO, nothing happens, if I choose YES, “Could not reduce compression ratio sufficiently”. What shall I choose at:

  1. “Folder for Temporary files”
  2. “Fit to target”: (which is now DVD-5 4.7Gb. choosen)

The avi file size I try to Recode in Nero Digital “Cinema” on 4.7Gb. DVD+R is: 3478Mb only!

I tried to burn on a new DVD+R, now it gave me an “burn error message” and opened in background the Neri Digital Certified Devices web page!