Nero Digital 5.1 Audio Encoding Grayed Out - Help!




I’m having a few bugs with the “Nero 6 Ultra Edition” which I bought the retail box of, even though it looks as if the memorex 16x DL +/- dvd burner I bought previously already came with the same software. I’d thought the Memorex OEM software would have been limited, but that’s another issue.

Bugs listed in order of annoyance.

  1. Recode 2 has grayed out the option to encode nero digital files in 5.1 surround sound. I can only encode in stereo. One of my codec options is gone. I can still burn the 5.1 dvd soundtracks to dvd format.

  2. “Do Not Eject Disk After Burn” checkboxes are a joke. This damn program still ejects everything, no matter how many times you check the box (or uncheck it, whatever) … and no matter in how many different nero aps you specify it not to do it in.

  3. Nero BackItUp is non-functional. The Burn Icon is grayed out as well.

I actually went so far as formatting my hard drive, reinstalling my OS (Windows XP Home SP2), all my hardware drivers, and then reinstalling the latest versions of the Nero 6 Burning Rom and NeroVision Express downloads (Nero Jan 17, 2005 and NVE Jan 10, 2005) to ensure I had no software conflicts. No luck. And it wasn’t the fastest process in the world, either.

I’ve got a Dell 8250, Pentium 4, 2.4. Soundblaster Live! 5.1 Digital SoundCard. 64MB nVidia GeForce 4 MX420 Video Card. 512 MB PC1066 RDRAM. 650GB Internal Hard Drive Space.

Tech Support is a joke.

Their first couple answers were along the lines of “make sure the title you are trying to encode has a 5.1 sound track.” duh! Then it turned into “I can’t make this happen to me. Must not be anything wrong.”

Damn program worked great when I was stealing it. Now that I tried to pay for it (twice), it has all these bugs.

I’ve got the Nero 6 Ultra Edition Serial Number, and the PowerPack Lame MP3 Plug-in Serial Number. Am I missing something?



Here are some screenshots to elaborate. Notice how I no longer have the High-Efficiency AAC Codec. Where’d that go???

Grayed Out Option:

Codec Selection Menu:


Press the “more” button, look what profile is selected. Try Maximum Definition.


I’ll be G-d Damned. Ha!

Your’re incredible, Skuto. That did the trick. 15 back and forths with Nero’s tech support people over two months and they never suggested that! Amazing.

Maximum Def did the trick - the HE codec is back and so is 5.1 encoding. Boy do I feel stupid.

Now I wonder, do you know how to keep the disks from ejecting too? :slight_smile:



Where’d the “Subpicture” Tab go? (Subtitle Selection)

Looks like it was replaced by the second audio track tab? I’m gonna do a burn here and see if it comes thru anyway.

Great software, but darn puzzling.



Here’s one more for you all…

Only one of my ND .mp4’s had the DVD chapters embedded. The rest were all one 2 hour chapter. However, even the one that had chapters embedded - nero showtimes “next chapter” and “previous chapter” skip buttons were disabled. Another Gray out. Honestly I’ve looked for a solution there, too. But alas, still coming up empty.

Thanks for reading this…


Nope - no more chapters or subtitles, although thanks to Skuto I’ve got 5.1 audio.

What’s the deal, Nero? Where’d the subtitles and chapter stops go?


Known bug in current Recode afaik. There will probably an update soon, since this is darned annoying.


Yeah, subs and chapters were left out by mistake… A build which fixes this and also fix some a/v-sync issues with NTSC source will be out very soon, maybe tomorrow already.


Thanks for the reply! Look forward to it.