Nero Didnt Worked for me...any other better solution?

Let me explain everything in Detail with the help of bullet points[ul]

  1. Got my Laptop from Dell with Sonic Digital Media Plus V7 with Sony CD/DVD Burner. DW D56A.

  2. Bought CD-R and DVD-R.

  3. Installed NERO from the Internet.

  4. Inserted DVD+R into the CD/DVD DRive…

  5. Surprisingly, It didnt gave me any pop up and Drive started making some sounds, I quickly removed it from CD/DVD Drive and Put Official DVD, IT autoplayed.

  6. I inserted Blank CD-R to make Audio CD.

  7. It worked fine, but whenever I put Blank DVD (Philips DVD+R) CD/DVD Drive start that scary sound.

  8. I took a brave(possibly wrong) decision and started burning with the help of Nero …

  9. After the initial first step (transforming to ISO, I guess) It gave me error saying Please Insert Blank CD.

  10. I removed the CD and uninstalled NERO before doing more stupid things.

Can Someone Please Guide me what should I do?

I have been cheated by DELL people and this SOnic CD is only for making Audio CD’s and does not help me to Burn DVD’s

I heard that Roxio does not work properly on Windows XP…

Please Suggest me better solution…Thank you,

You bought -R and inserted +R, w00t???

Update Nero, update the drives firmware if possible and then try again with Nero.

If the iso file is an image of a cd, then it won’t burn to a dvd, will it? Maybe that is why it is asking for a cd and rejecting the dvd?

Not so. I think there was an issue with pre-V6 versions but I’ve used V6/v7 & V7.5 without any problems.

So has every body else, now you know next time not to Buy anything from DELL

Yes the latest Roxio and RecordNow been working with out any problems, works better than Nero 7, You should be able to burn DVD as well with your Sonic CD it dose both CD and DVD, Have you looked in the Help Files in Sonic it’s not very difficult to use only a few click and you are burning CD or DVD.