Nero detects my empty CDs as 0MB capacity. HELP

I use NEC DVD-RW writer model 3500A.
The media use is Memorex 700MB CDs.
Nero Info tool says that the CD has 0MB capacity.
Windows explorer sees the empty CD as a 700MB blank CD and even writes to it using the Windows Recording option.

Please help me to figure it out.

some more details on the problem:
CD of another manufacturer (SilverLine) is working fine.
At first I thought it was something i installed, but after reinstalling the whole system and trying again, the problem remained.

Make sure you don’t have Alcohol’s ATIP Hider or CloneCD’s Hide CD-R Media checked off.

There is no Alcohol/CloneCD on the computer, never was. What else can it be?
In the lower class filters of the device there is a “pxhelp20” - i don’t know what it is and where it came from and whether it should be there. does it related in any way to this problem?

Try updating the firmware to the latest one. This usually will fix problems recognizing certain media.

ok. i’ve found out what puts the pxhelp20 in the lower class filters - it’s winamp!
the thing is that about a month ago there was no problems burning the same CDs with the same firmware on the writer and with winamp installed. something definetely is interfering, i just have no idea what. reinstalling windows didn’t help because i without knowing it then installed winamp before nero and still got the same problem. now i can’t get rid of it.