Nero detect my DW 1650 and installs LightScribe?

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m a new owner of a BenQ DW 1650. I’ve connected the recorder to my pc and I did the customary of installing the dvd burning software which is bundled with the recorder. It’s Nero Burning ROM.

As soon as it finishes installing, the LightScribe installation pops up which I never asked it to install.

So, my question is, why does Nero detect my drive as having LightScribe? If I’m correct, my DW 1650 recorder does not have LS capabilities. I found that LS resides in Windows as a running service in the task manager and I don’t want that.

Finally, how can I remove it totally?

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hello undead, what does nero see the burner as??(model#)
hows about in device manager?? what furmware is shown there?? lets make sure you got what you ordered.i’m not sure why lightscribe would show up if it was’nt a lightscribe. so lets check the odvious!!!

The same thing happened to me with an I/O Magic drive…

hi satelight7430. thanks for the response.

here i have attached some pictures :slight_smile:

Are you sure LS becomes a “resident” in Windows?

That’s strange, rather strange.

I haven’t got any LS drive, so Nero doesn’t show it to me.
But I got a NEC 4551 that supports the rival Labelflash, and Nero only shows the LF icon when I have the drive connected and on (I use it as external, via a firewire enclosure).

If my drive is off or not connected, no LabelFlash icon.
Anyway, I see it on Nero’s SmartStart and I’ve to click on the icon to open the program that allows my to elaborate and to record the “labels”.

Guess LightScribe should work the same way…otherwise, why should it be active if even Nero Express only comes out when you insert a blank disc and you have the application configured to do so?

Once you are sure you have the right drive and you want to remove LS, navigate to your Program files>Common files and find the Lightscribe folder then execute the LS HSI exe, it should give you the option to uninstall the app.:slight_smile:
Edit: Certainly looks like a 1650. What version of Nero are you using out of curiosity?

agomes: well, at least i think LS is residing in my windows. it’s installed in c:\program files\common files\lightscribe and it also has a service running in the background (which is set to Automatic). yes, i too thought LS would only be activated if nero starts. maybe that’s why some people made a suggestion to set the LS service to be started manually in the service. but the thing is, i dont have an LS recorder. so this situation is really strange :confused:

crossg: thank you for the guide. i installed the nero that came with the cd in the retail bundle. its version is :slight_smile:

May I ask a stupid question?
1650/1655 seem to share the same hardware, the 55 supporting LS.
The papaer on the drive do refer justo to the 50? sometimes strange things happen!
or maybe the setup of the disc just looks for the brand and did install LS
Can you go back and “tell” it to be quite and wait for instructions? That way you wouldn’t spoil ressources.

Reason I asked which version is Nero has a BenQ version here and thought maybe that is why it installed LS, but it’s not that version. Strange indeed.:confused:

Just a note for those who want to set the LS service to manual start up. Nero becomes very slow to start up when the LS setting is changed to manual.

agomes: i have reinstalled nero and everytime i did, it always install the lightscribe driver. i always read before i click the next button :bigsmile: i think it has something to do with the nero cover designer?

crossg: nope, i checked on the nero.exe. it says :bigsmile:

thanks for all your help and opinions guys :slight_smile: :flower: