[Nero] Deleting image.nrg files?

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I downloaded the demo because I couldn’t get Easy CD Creator V 4.05 to work on this new XP machine. I used CD Copy to burn 6 audio disks. I checked the box to “delete image file after CD copy”. I did not use “On the fly”. The image is stored in C:\image.nrg, which is the default. When I check my hard Drive for space used it is using more space after every burn when it’s supposed to be deleting the files. If I search for image.nrg files on the computer none are found, but yet, I have lost about 3 Gigs of my free space! How do I recover this space? How do I stop it from doing this the next time I burn a disk? My 80 gig Hard Drive will be full in no time if this keeps going on. I don’t understand this at all…:confused:

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Check the Temporary Folders for temporary files.

One more thing.

Run Scandisk or Norton Disk Doctor.

Sometimes windows shows wrong free disk space. Happens many times with me.

Just run Scandisk/NDD & the error will be corrected.

Sorry, but just re-read your post & found that you run Windows XP.

Well, Check how much space is alotted to System Restore Point Option?

Also, check the size of the Restore Folder.

Space alotted to System Restore is, 12% 9155MB.
The sizw of the Restore Folder is, 423KB.
I have been looking on the web for hours to find the answer to my question and came up empty.
The last time I ran Norton Speed Disk was right before I started copying the 6 CD’s. My used Hard Drive space was 4.62GB. I just ran Norton Disk Doctor and Speed Disk again and my used space is 7.80GB. That is 3.18GB used to copy the 6 CD’s! That’s unreal seeing how the “Delete image file after CD copy” was slected!!
I have about 20 more CD’s I want to copy, but I’m afraid to. Am I the only one to see his Hard Drive being used up by files I can not find? Again Nero’s default to save the images to was C:\image.nrg and there is no folder for it and if I go to the command prompt and look it’s not there either. Still confused :confused: big time!


Well I guess I’m just a dumb ole boy who has spent to much time out in the Hay Fields the past couple of days! I got it figured out! The files were in the Norton Protected files folder, AKA the Trash Can! Do I feel dumb or what! See what to much time in the Sun will do to ya…
Well guess if somebody else has this problem and does a search on image.nrg files in Google they might just find this post.
Copied a bunch of CD’s at 32x and they sound good!

Farmer :smiley:

You should have mentioned earlier, that you had installed Norton Utilities.

Remember, same thing had happened to me once.

From then I empty Norton Protected Files every day.