Nero data disc problems

I have Nero 6 ultra edition, burnt a data disc containing various avi files, checked disc on my computer and DivX dvd player, both worked fine. When i try to load the disc in my Girlfriends Toshiba 4100xDVD, with a Toshiba SD-C2102 dvd-rom, it will not open, says something along the lines of “disc in drive e not formatted properlly” Any idea how to get this to work? Is it something to do with needing a UDF reader? Please help!!!

Tried both BenQ 8x DVD+R burned at 2.4x and Maxell 8x DVD-R burnt at 4x.

Did you close/finalise the disc first to make it readable on other systems?

i did, i finalize all of my discs, still with the nothing though!

Well looking at the spec for the C2102 , it won’t read DVD+R, DVD-RW or DVD+RW but should be OK with DVD-R media.

You could get DVDInfo & install it on her PC to see just what the DVD-ROM will read.

It could be that you’ve used UDF format instead of ISO format. If you create a data disc though Nero Express then it creates it in ISO format but though Nero burning Rom you have mulitple options of ISO,UDF (of differing standards) & UDF/ISO. Personally I’d never know which to use so I always take the Express route.

If changing the type you burn doesn’t do it then I’m afraid I’ve no other ideas although I’m sure there are others that are able to continue with you.

I’ve burned a data dvd with all my important stuff, had to reboot my pc, and now my pc doesn’t exept the dvd anymore. I did not copywrite it! I can open the dvd on my friends pc, but not mine! What’a wrong?