Nero creates userimages.bmp

each time nero starts it create a file named userimages.bmp on my desktop,. the file is like a collection of emoticons, what can i do?

I get that file also but its in my documents folder.

Yep, got them too and the uninstall routine does not remove them as I have already gone back to 6.6.

Mine was in the My Documents.

I’ve got the same thing in the My Documents folder, god knows what it’s for.

yep me also. i’m going back to 6 until they get stuff right.

this is a complete piece of crap :Z

the problem is i cannot go back to nero 6.6 as unistalling nero7 fuacks up my nokia pc suite

nero has a registry entry:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ahead\Nero - Burning ROM\Settings\WorkingDir

this seems to be the issue over here

to get it out of my way I created a temp dir in the nero installation folder and changed the registry entry for the entry above to:

C:\Program Files\Nero\Nero 7\Temp

tnx man, the file now is created there :slight_smile:

UserImages.bmp is still created in new version :doh:

Thank you very much. The annoyance is gone. It worked perfectly. :slight_smile:

thanks…it worked

Danke !!!

Greetings from Germany! :bow:

Thanks for the tip. File was annoying.

I’m afraid this doesn’t solve the problem completely. Nero creates this file in the working directory, but this directory changes every time you double click on a project file (any “.NRI” file, for example). The bmp file will be created next to this NRI file no matter where it is located and the “WorkingDir” key will be changed to that folder. Sorry if my English is not clear enough.
Any thoughts?

thanks it works for me :clap: :bow:

Here is another workaround, Try it if u like it.

Just delete [B]userimages.bmp [/B]from ur desktop and [U]create a[/U] [U]folder[/U] with the same name on our desktop i.e [B]userimages.bmp[/B]

start command promt

You will see something like this :
C:\Documents & Settings[Your USER Name]>_

type at the prompt the following commands:

cd Desktop {Press ENTER}
attrib userimages.bmp +h +r +s {Press ENTER}
exit {Press ENTER}

You are done!!!

Now you will not see that pesky image on your desktop everytime you run nero.

What actually happens here is that you have created a Super hidden folder on your desktop with the same name as the image file that nero creates. Since it is super hidden you cannot see it and since it is a folder, Nero cannot overwrite it with a the image file.:iagree: