Nero Created Audio CD Skipping

Hi everyone.

Up until a few days ago I was using Nero on an old AMD system with 512MB RAM etc and using Windows ME.

Now I have an AMD 64 3500+ system with 1024MB RAM, Windows XP Home Edition with SP2 (and all updates) and Nero version OEM Enterprise Edition.

I burned an audio CD and it completed with no errors. When I played it back in my stereo it skipped intermittantly but at exactly the same places every time.

I then burned the exact same CD using Sonic RecordNow Audio and it played back perfectly.

I then burned the exact same files reverting to Nero once again (as I thought maybe as it was the first time burning it may’ve needing “breaking in”). Once again it burned successfully but when I played it back in my stereo (and others) it skipped at the EXACT same place as the first CD did.

It’s really frustrating me, any ideas appreciated. :sad:

Thanx in advance.

Ok I uninstalled the newest version of Nero and went back to usin Nero Ultra Edition and it’s burned perfectly, no skips!

Any1 have any ideas what the newest version maybe aint compatible with?

The newest version of Nero is Download here.

Yer that’s wat I was usin when it was burning with skips. No good 4 me.

Sorry. :o I read your post and somehow missed that. Try uninstalling Nero and running the Nero clean tools before reinstalling.

There is only one fix and it has nothing to do with drive firmware, motherboard drivers, media type etc.

The problem is a single file, ‘mp3PRO.dll’ which you’ll find in:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\AudioPlugins\

The version that comes with Nero 7 is and for whatever reason, its faulty. If you have Nero 6 still, on the CD goto the following directory:

G:\Nero 6 Ultra Edition\Common Files\AudioPlugins\

(Where G:\ is your CD drive) and inside you’ll find ‘mp3PRO.dll’ version Copy this to:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\AudioPlugins\

And overwrite (backup first just in case you need to revert back for whatever reason) the one already in there.

Guaranteed this will solve all your problems with audio CD’s skipping. Its a temporary fix hopefully, till Nero can sort it properly.

Hello all!

I installed recently Nero 7 Premium and i have the same problem as you people! I was just posting a new thread when i found this one! I am so happy that someone has found the problem…

I have lost of trouble on reading cd-r on my car because i have a Nakamichi CD-45Z wich is a very good unit but only reads originals cds not backup cd-r!!!

The onde cd-r that reads are Verbatim Blue AZO and my stock is running out, :doh: .

I fixed the problem with the new mp3pro.dll…

Thanks everybody and sorry by the english, i´m portuguese!


Can somebody upload the working mp3PRO.dll??

Hope it helps.

Thanks man. :slight_smile:

I’ve had the same error, made me burn 4 coasters… sigh

Nice testing from nero!! back to version 6.
Thanks for the information guys, otherwise would still be busy finding out what’s wrong.

I’d like to compair the files from a couple versions of 6.X expecially the mp3PRO.dll from Nero Anybody have that version and the mp3PRO.dll they can upload?

The one I posted is from v6.6.0.18.

I had the same problem. I’m using now nero 7 with mp3PRO.DLL (from nero and its working great with no problems any…

Ok, & mp3PRO.dlls are good…so it seems that any other past DLLs work nicely. :slight_smile:

I have just found out exactly that the problem with Nero is due to a bad .dll. I had used Nero 7, though have since uninstalled it and now using version I had been burning cds for years with a few other programs (mainly nero), but just recently started to experience the skipping in cds that I burn now. I initially thought that the problem with Nero 7 might be due to the ‘Nero Scout’ feature which appeared to be suspect, though I see now that it also has roots with this .dll.

I captured the actual error through my computer’s printscreen feature…

I received the above error for the first time as I was in the process of burning a cd today.

Could someone here please advise me with the lastest updates on how to rectify this error without causing any further problems to my OS?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


I have since uninstalled using Nero’s clean tool as mentioned above, rebooted, then re-installed this same version…the error and skipping now seem to have been rectified. :slight_smile:

does the newly released version 7 fix this skipping issue without us having to copy and paste older versions into it?

No, the new version is the worst for skipping. You have to use an older version of the dll in Nero 7 to get it to work.

geez, for what they charge for version 7 you would think they could fix it by now