Nero crashing when burning any DVD media

I’m having major issues with this, and I’m not sure if it’s Nero or the DVD writer. I’ve got a Liteon SOHW 832S which can read ok, burn CDs ok with Nero, but if I put in a blank DVD disk (the one that came with the box!), the whole pc crashes. It got to the point where over the weekend my whole PC became completely unstable, I couldn’t restore to an earlier point (although I do have WinME) and I had to reinstall Windows completely.

I thought that might fix any inherent registry problems, but on a fresh install, with windows update now completed I still can’t write to DVDs. If I try the CD/DVD test program, it can read CDs ok, DVDs ok but again if I put in a blank DVD, the system crashes.

Anyone have any ideas, and does anyone know if this is the software or the hardware causing this?

Change your DVD media to a good name brand and see if that solves the problem.