Nero Crashes When Transcoding Files

Hay all! I just installed nero 7 ultra and burned my first film succesfully!! But when i went to create another dvd i can go through the process of selecting the file and editing the welcome screen to the background picture i want etc, but when i click burn it starts up then frezzes constantly all the time after a few seconds. If i reboot the machine it frezzes after about 1 and a half minutes. I’m pulling my hair out!!! I used the software on a friends machine and it works fine, i did a spyware check and a virus check but it still does the same thing!! Any ideas will be well appreciated!! THANX!!!

How much free space you have in your hard drive?, you might want to delete some of unneccessary files from hard drive, also disablethe AV and Spyware and note what is the effect on Nero operation.

ok thanx!! I have 9gb free on the hard drive and i usually have mcafee running. I just tried running it without mcafee but the same thing is still happening! It works fine for a few minutes then just freezes and wont continue!! I’ve tried uninstalling it a re-installing it a few times but it doesnt make a diffrence. Any ideas??

On my machine, I have found Recode to be pretty demanding on the cpu. If you have a lot of other things running in the background, using resources, it could be your problem.
Shut down the processes you don’t need, and see if this helps.

When i check task manager it says 43 processes but only one or two are above 1,000 kb. And i’m not sure which ones to shut down! Can you point me in the right direction? I do have my machine on a network that is online always via my router! Will this make a problem??

Start with the processes that you recognise, shutting down 1 at a time, making sure you don’t encounter any problems. Take note to which ones you have shut down, should your system becomes unstable.
I’m not sure about the network connection , but you can disable it temporarily by opening network connections in control panel, and right clicking the appropriate icon, and selecting disable.

ok i’ll give it a go and then post back my results!! THANX!!!

Go to Windows Run\Startup and disable all, reboote and do your burning and see what is happening.

is it safe to disable all the processes???

I think 9 GB is very borderline for Nero to transcode movies. Try to make some more free space & defrag the HDD first.

Yes it is safe plus you really don’t need them they are just memory hunger.