Nero crashes when adding mp3 file to audio CD

Hi all,

Today I was trying to burn an audio CD from mp3 album (nero 6). The problem is, after adding any track, nero just exits. No error window, no crash info from windows - nothing. All I see is progress bar with ‘nero is analyzing file…’ and then exit.

From what I checked it happens with any mp3 file I tried, also turning CD Text on or off does not make a difference. Also after reinstalling nero the problem is still there.

I don’t know when this problem appeared - as it was working before. It is possible that some program installed later messed it up - but i have no clue what could it be, as I did not try to burn audio cd in a long time.

Anyone had similiar problem or suspects what could be the cause?

Don’t know the answer to your problem but try using Burrrn ( for Audio CD burning. It’s simple, free and does a great job. It also handles a wide range of audio formats.

I have also the same problem with Boldwyn.

Nothing changed in my configuration.

Does anybody have any idea, how to solve the problem?

Hard to believe with nero 6.

Make sure you have the latest updates.

Another solution I can suggest is to do a complete uninstall and reinstall.

Final idea is to go to the source and try send Nero an email.