Nero crashes into desktop!

I have tried three version of nero 6, newest and every version has same problem; when i try to add divX movie into disk content Nero crashes without any warning or error.

This is getting really annoying cause i cannot burn any divX movies now…
I try to burn them as data format to dvd-r

Any ideas how to fix this? :confused:

I have Windows XP. When I try to open Nero I get a window: “There is a known incompatibility issue etc.” No success getting past that.
L. Mirabel

I just read your mail, have XP Home and Nero 6 Ultra with same problem.

It will work again if you go thru control panel to uninstall, reboot, and install.

I’m beginning to suspect the Nero laucher is boogered. I go directly to the ‘sub-program’ like NVExpress, etc. It’s more stable this way but I have not concluded this is a final answer [never tried it enough to make the claim].

Good luck