Nero Crashes GETTING P****D OFF

Hi Folks

Im using Nero I am trying to make a my own DVD.

I am putting AVI files into it using NEROVISION EXPRESS 2

The AVI files are the mysterious Citites of gold

When I add the files it accepts them ok. But when I try to edit them like put chapters into them it just crashes. JUST HANGS

ive got the latest updates. Im really annoyed as Ive never been able to use Nero without it crashing what am I doing wrong?

don’t count on nero to encode to mpeg2 for you buddy

use tmpgenc dvd source creator then author it with ifoedit, and burn it with Prassi ONES :smiley:

What you’re doing wrong is using Nero.
Everyone knows Nero is the least dependable program in the world and always crashes because it’s the most poorly written piece of garbage ever made. That’s why I quit using it. Now I use programs that were written by people who know how to write programs.