Nero Crash/powerdown



Happens when burning a DVD around 40% the computer shuts down whit no warning . I tried to upgrade my nero , now it shuts down at 10-20 %.

Has anyone been experiencing thise problems and know whats causing it ?


and now it seems the burning software for windows doesnt recognize emty dvds so i cant copy using that either


If my computer was shutting down during high usage times, I might be concerned about heat or possibly power supply problems. There could even be a memory problem, but I would check the other things first. You might check a hardware forum also.

Do you have any error indications in the Event manager?

Have you tried writing the file to hard drive first and then burning later? Make sure and shut down any non-essential programs, and perhaps even stop any internet connections you have. Nero doesn’t normally shut a computer down, but something could be happening to cause it.