Nero Crash and Burning

I’ve had this problem with just about every version(expect 6.1.5 it works fine), but it seems noone else had problem expect me so come here and figure out.

The problem is while I’m burning a cd of any kind(vcd, audio, info) it crashes right in the middle of burning and give me error report that says the mmc.dll is the problem.

Any help would be appriecated :slight_smile:

What drive are you using? Is it installed on an adapter or IDE controller?

As far as i know the MMC.dll driver is related to the supported drives. Have you tried updating/uninstalling-clean installing the latest version (

Well the drive is TDK velco (4 years old) and I think it is using ide controller(my other drive is slave).

And yes I’ve tried updating newest(like I said the latest version that works is but I have never tried a clean install I’ll think I’ll give a shot.

nope no go(I figured it be somethin other than a simple clean install lol) I thought maybe a driver or somethin but I can’t really find(go figure I have only tdk model that has no firmware here.)

anyways if anyone else had problem mmc.dll(maybe I can copy paste old one into new version?) please help a brotha out, i swear I’d google and gave answer on this awhile ago just can’t find anymore(involed changing regristry so I ain’t gonna play with that all!)

Check your PM inbox :wink: