Nero CPU Hogging

Hi im getting an unusual problem all of a suddenwhen writing a cd now, and dont know what caused it.

When beginning to burn the CD it takes up 100 percent cpu sources, systems go reall really sluggish, and the burnproof is activated nearly every 5 secs resulting in very low write speed. Beofre i remember the buffer used to always be near full, but now it is sometimes even around 5 % full, and fills up real slow until it then starts writing again.

Any ideas what caused this or how to fix ?
I uninstalled nero and updated to the latest version but still same problem.
Could it be the win (XP Pro) aspi problem ? i know it dont have aspi :(((
writer is on separate channel to hard drive.
any help wold be appeciated.

LG 8320B

go to device manager and re-set the IDE controller to run DMA.

yeh tried that, i set it to use dma if available, restarted pc but it still says its current mode for the writer is pio mode even though it still selected as use dma available

still the same prob, even when using other burning software like cdmate



DMA is not functioning, so burning will be impossible. Remove the IDE controller in DM and reboot to re-install.

Yeah I tried it and ot worked !
It switched back from pio to multi-word dma 2 if i remeber correctly.
Any idea how this may have happened ?

I thank you so much and wish some good luck comes across your way :slight_smile:


This is a well-known XP bug. It changes to PIO after a certain number of errors are reported. If you look in event viewer you may see CDROM errors reported in the period since it last worked. Nothing you can do about it but complain to Uncle Bill.